Things are changing at SAHD NEFL. As a group, we’ve been going over 3yrs. We’ve been seriously active for the almost 2, with somewhere in the region of 20+ DNOs and many daytime events. But the old guard have largely moved on. Chris Hoskins is no longer a SAHD. David McFee either. David Torrelio is less active, although still involved. It’s time for some blood to take the reigns. Are you interested in being an Co-Admin of a 80+ stay at-home dad Facebook group? Message Mitch Hemann at < >

Mitch is also the Convention Chair for the National At-Home Dad Network’s HomeDadCon 2018 will be taking place in Orlando, Florida from September 13th to 15th, 2018! Hit him up for details. It will be huge!

HomeDadCon Orlando 2018


1st Official Meeting: Aardwolf Brewing Co., March 19th, 2016
1st Official Meeting: Aardwolf Brewing Co., March 19th, 2016

Stay-At-Home Dads North East Florida was founded by Chris Hoskins as a Facebook group, Stay-At-Home Dads JAX, on June 12th, 2014. The brief then, as now, is to provide help to “dads in Jacksonville and surrounding areas that want to find activities to do with their children and other stay at home dads.”

For the most part, this website is an extension of the ‘SAHD North East Florida‘ Facebook group.   We total almost 40 and are growing.  If you want to participate day-to-day, this is your best option.  However we understand that not everyone wants to be on Facebook.  If you just want to know what is going on and where to join us, look to the events calendar.  Find what you want to do and just show up, even if you are from out of town. Just don’t be surprised if some tall, dark haired ex-pilot approaches you to ask if you stay home with the kids.