Contact us at the moment is a bit tricky since no one has taken on the email duties. Your best bet is to either look for the Facebook group < SAHDs North East Florida >, but you could always message one of the Admin.  We are all pretty busy with our kids, but we’ll get back to you eventually.

David TorrelioDavid Torrelio:  Originally from western PA, he and his wife moved to Jacksonville 10-years ago.  The majority of that time, David spent as a pilot flying Canadair Regional Jets up and down the east coast and to the Midwest and Gulf states.  A stay-at-home Dad since his daughter was born in 2015, in his free time he plays Xbox, dabbles in beer production, cycles and plays pickup soccer on a Sunday in the Riverside/Avondale area.  Email David @  He is best contact for ‘events’, since he organizes a good 99% of them.

David McFee

David McFee:  An Australian living in Palm Coast, David has been a stay at home Dad since his daughter was born in 2014.  He is now looking to get back into his old life as an Environmental Scientist, but in the interim juggles his time between a toddler, a stay-at-home Dad Podcast < > and the tech and promotion side of SAHD NEFL.  When he’s not in front of the computer, he enjoys hiking, biking and all things outdoors.  Connect with David through his website @